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RRP Refresher (4-hour flexible E-learning class)
4 hour RRP refresher to be taken entirely on line as an e-learning course. The elearning certification is valid for 3 years.

Please Note: Students MUST provide a copy of a valid initial training certificate or card that is not expired to participate in this refresher class and to receive the RRP training renewal certificate. Please contact your original training provider if you need to receive a copy of your training certificate. If your certificate has expired, or you have not attended the 8 hour initial course yet, please view the Lead Renovator Initial schedule.

Certified Renovators are required to complete the refresher training prior to the expiration date of your original certification. If your certificate has expired, you must attend the 1-day Lead Renovator Initial training to continue your certification.

EPA has approved Lead-EDU to offer the 4 hour RRP refresher to be taken entirely on line (NO ZOOM) as an e-learning course.

You can register for this course and complete the course at your own pace, in your own home or office. Here is what you need to know:

  • You must have a valid initial or refresher RRP certification that has not yet expired, (from any training provider) and you must complete this elearning course prior to the expiration of your existing certificate. If your certification has expired you MUST take the full 8 hour RRP initial class all over again.
  • The elearning certification is valid for 3 years
  • You can take the elearning course every other time you get certified. So if you take this one now, after three years you must take an in person class which will certify you for 5 years, then you can take this one again
  • If you work in any of the following states, you CANNOT take the “elearning – 3 year no hands on” version of this course: AL, DE, GA, IA, KS, MS, NC, OK, RI, UT, or WI. for work in that State – although it will be valid in the rest of the US.
  • This is your individual Certified Renovator (RRP) certification only. This is not your EPA Firm Certification
  • Our elearning course includes unlimited access to our (actual human) training providers if you have questions.

More about the Lead Renovator, Repair, and Painting Rule:

Effective April 22, 2010, anyone who performs renovations, repairs, or painting in pre-1978 housing or child-occupied facilities must be Lead Safe Certified with the EPA or EPA-authorized lead program. Individuals and firms that are not certified could face fines of up to $41,056 per day.

Course Objectives

  1. To protect workers and residents, especially children, from possible lead contamination.
  2. To obtain a clear understanding of the importance in minimizing and controlling the generation of lead particles and lead dust when performing renovation, remodeling, painting, rehabilitation and maintenance functions.
  3. To obtain a clear understanding of tools, systems and techniques required to control dust accumulation.
  4. To understand in full the EPA rules and regulations regarding the disruption of lead-based paint during renovation, remodeling, and rehabilitation.
Read a full overview of the RRP Rule

EPA Lead Renovator Certification Initial Course Overview

Module 1: Regulations

  • Know the EPA and HUD Rules. These rules set forth specific and performance-based requirements that must be mastered to achieve compliance.

Module 2: Before Beginning Work

  • Plan before you start the work.

Module 3: Contain Dust During Work

  • Keep the dust in the work area and make it easier to clean up.

Module 4: During The Work

  • Traditional practices produce dust, while lead safe practices will reduce dust making the renovation, repair, or painting work safer.

Module 5: Cleaning Activities and Checking Your Work

  • Do cleanup right. Use wet mops and HEPA vacuums. Traditional methods don’t do the job.

Module 6: Recordkeeping

  • Records must be complete, accurate and organized.

Module 7: Training Non-Certified Renovation Workers

  • Certified Renovators are responsible for teaching lead-safe work practices to non-certified renovation workers.

Test and Course Evaluation

Certificates Same day as course completion